Chakra Balance Massage

A unique personal journey using a combination of Aura-Soma oils, Sound, Breath-work and Crystals to help heal, clear and restore balance to your chakras.

Your energy field consists of twelve different levels of vibration, these are called Chakras. Each Chakras is closely associated with a specific organ or endocrine gland, these spinning wheels of energy are part of the subtle energy system, which forms the basis of an ancient healing approach to healing our at different frequencies, corresponding to the colours of the rainbow.

The most significant ones are the seven main Chakras located from the base of the spine to the top of the head.  As we go about our lives, our chakras direct us to those areas where we might be functioning out of balance. Such malfunctioning can occur when the energy flowing through the chakras is either excessive or deficient. When we go through emotional and or physical trauma it results in the chakras being out of balance.

What makes this massage so special?

This massage is a very gentle, nurturing, loving and relaxing treatment. It connects you back to your soul – your soul essence. Each chakra receives special attention, starting on the back the chakras are massaged with a spiral technique and then the client turns over so that the front of the body is worked on, finishing with the face.

A combination of the Aura-Soma equilibrium oils are used, each containing within it the living qualities of plant, gem and crystal energies. Crystals corresponding to each chakra are then gently placed on the chakra points.

The client is encouraged to use the breath as it helps play an important role in the letting go of old issues in a very gentle way. Sound is used to produce particular vibrations and can produce a feeling of balance and being centred.
on the chakra to link in with the colour and vibration.

A very gentle yet profound healing massage, bringing you a feeling of self-acceptance and recognizing the beauty with-in whilst restoring energy and balance to the chakras.

Price: $110 – 90 minutes

It’s the colours we are drawn to that show us not only who we are, but also reveal our greater potential to wholeness and well-being

Emmett Technique – The Chameleon Approach to Body Therapy

The Emmett Technique is a unique body therapy that was created by Ross Emmett. The Emmett Technique is an excellent modality and form of treatment that is safe, gentle and quite simple to apply, involving the application of light finger pressure at specific points.

How does Emmett work?

The Emmett Technique is based on the belief that light touch can trigger a relaxation response in the soft tissues of the body to be able to relieve tension and pain, ease discomfort, and improve range of motion, leading to an improved healthy life. The therapist utilises a relatively light touch to bring about change and reset the muscles being worked on, either holding one or two points at the same time or “switching” across muscle or tendon fibres.

These gentle touches can enable a gentle release for many common conditions. The results can be dramatic and profound even for first time clients. Fast and accurate assessments of imbalances in the body are an integral feature of Emmett Therapy. Emmett Therapy is safe and effective to practice on any individual, from pregnant women, to newborn children and to the elderly.

The pressure required is not heavy or painful. “No pain no gain” has NO place in the Emmett’s therapist’s approach.

Emmett Therapy is an extremely effective standalone therapy and is a truly complementary therapy that combines easily with a range of different modalities, for example, Chiropractic, Massage, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Access Bars & Body Processes etc.

What can be expected in an Emmett Therapy session?

An Emmett Therapy session is conducted with the client fully clothed, however if required, pieces of clothing may need to be removed or loosened. Treatment is conducted whilst the client is seated, standing or lying on a table. Sessions can last anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes if the Emmett Technique is used alone – longer if combined with another modality.

What can Emmett Therapy be used for?

  •     Shoulder and neck restriction  
  •     Headaches and Migraines
  •     Ongoing heel and foot pain
  •     Hip and Back pain
  •     Discomfort during pregnancy 
  •     Reducing stomach discomfort
  •     Increasing body flexibility
  •     Increasing body stability and balance

Benefits People Receive from Emmett Therapy:

  • Improved comfort and ease within the area treated such as back, abdomen, hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, arm, hands and neck.
  • A sense of lightness in the body
  • Enhanced mood
  • More restful sleep

Most people report immediate and significant improvement with the problem that has been troubling them. Many people who previously had limitations on what they could do, find that they can perform these actions more easily after treatment.

Price: 15 minutes – $20 / 30 minutes – $40