Energy Healing

Energy is your body’s first language.

Energy is the pure, creative essence that surrounds us, permeates us, embraces us and connects us to all things.

Energy healing is a practice of channeling healing life force energy to yourself, others, animals, or other living things for the purpose of healing and improving health.

In perfect health we are a flowing high-vibration current of energy. When this flows ceases, becomes blocked or impaired we become imbalanced and then eventually ill.

Energy healing focuses on the energy fields of the body that maintain and control the growth and repair of cells, tissues and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve balance, harmony and vitality.

We all have within us the innate power and ability to intuit energy information to experience and change our own energetic vibrations, to feel and function better.

The Benefits of Energy Healing

The benefits of of energy healing goes far beyond basic relaxation, taking the time for self care and reflection gives you the opportunity to open to your body’s messages so you can make new choices from this new calmer space. Some of the benefits you can experience:

  • Promotes overall sense of well-being and peace
  • Increased awareness 
  • Greater clarity about your life direction and purpose
  • Increased self-esteem and
  • Alleviation of anxiety and depression
  • Clearing old patterns, traumas and beliefs 
  • Increased vitality and energy
  • Removes energy blockages bringing your entire system into a state of balance and harmony
  • much, much, more..


A healing and spiritual practice that draws on the universal life force energy, and was developed in the 1900’s by a Japanese Buddhist Dr Mikao Usui.

Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy. Rei meaning Life Force and Ki meaning Energy that resides within each of us.

This universal energy can be used to enable individuals to transfer energy through their hands which is administered by placing the hands in a series of positions over the body to effect healing of the mind, body and spirit.

The benefits of Reiki are far reaching as the Reiki energy works on all levels and is therefore holistic, dealing with physical and emotional, mental and spiritual as needed. By working this way it ensures the cause of the illness is treated, instead of only the symptoms.

Reiki aims to unblock negative patterns and balance the body’s natural energies by tapping into the universal life force energy to get the body’s own energy to flow freely. The energy can become blocked by strong emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, worries and stress. This energy is said to shift energetic blocks, assisting the body’s natural healing processes. Reiki has an incredible way of working with the body’s innate wisdom to facilitate healing where and how it is needed.

While spiritual in nature,  Reiki is not a religion, and there is nothing you have to believe in order to receive the benefits.

Reiki is an energy of love, which is given with love.

A very supportive, nurturing experience leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced.

Price: 30 minutes – $50 /  60 – minutes $85

What is a Reiki / Seichim session like?

The client is fully clothed laying on a massage table and is comfortably covered, the practitioner then places their hands gently in a series of positions upon and above your body and channels the energy through their own body and into the receiver. All you have to do is relax and receive the energy.


What is Seichim?

Seichim is a living light energy meaning it is a different and higher vibrational energy that connects Heaven to Earth, so it is a much more grounded energy. Meaning power or might, it is an ancient healing technique used by the high priest and priestess of ancient Egypt.  It is the energy and vibration of Goddess Sekhmat the lioness. Seichim also represents the feminine energy of Kuan Yin the goddess, she lives in the heart chakra, her attributes are those of compassion, healing and centering.

Seichim healing began much like Reiki with an instantaneous initiation into the energy this time by a healer called Patrick Ziegler in the great pyramid of Egypt. He connected with the Seichim energy through his heart chakra by way of the infinity symbol.

Seichim is a very beautiful, feminine, loving, soft and gentle energy which compliments Reiki being masculine. It connects with ‘All love’ and from that source comes a greater opportunity to begin and to increase the love of self and others.

Seichim is similar to Reiki, where it is channeled through the crown chakra of the practitioner, out of their hands and into the the client’s central nervous system.

Price: 30 mins – $50 / 60 mins – $85

What are the benefits?

Seichim is most beneficial for:

  • Accelerates the infinite process of spiritual development
  • Working with emotional and mental levels or concerns, as well as that higher spiritual connection
  • It can help with anxiety, physical tension and emotional trauma
  • Increase the feeling of aliveness by bringing us more fully into the present
  • Increases our psychic abilities to see energy
  • Assists in manifesting our goals
  • It works on all the levels of the aura simultaneously
  • As it works on levels softly and gently, it clears a path to get to root causes of imbalances which makes the healing release process easier, by allowing ourselves to look inside to see and understand who and what we are on a deeper level and gain wisdom from it

Seichim is an extra step towards connecting to the higher self and increases awareness of who we are.


What is Pellowah?

Pellowah is a gentle, intuitive form of energy healing and is an angelic word meaning “Radical Shift in Consciousness”.

The Pellowah Healing Technique© was first channelled in 2003 by Australian Spiritual teacher Kachina Ma’an.

It’s primary reason for being channelled at this time is for awakening the consciousness of humanity. The purpose of Pellowah is to increase your capacity for positive change, to enable you to reach your highest purpose and potential.

Although an angelic word, Pellowah energy does not originate from the angelic realms. It is pure source energy, a direct transmission from the Light.

Often we feel something is just not right, or there must be more to life or we can’t put our finger on what the issue is, yet we know something needs to shift. We need a change within us. Pellowah is a high vibrational energy and an opportunity to create this “shift. By connecting the 12 strands of DNA ready for activation.

Pellowah enables us to achieve an expanded level of consciousness and awareness.

Price: 45mins – $75

Pellowah can be used in absentee /distance healing and can also be used to heal pets and plants.

Pellowah is simple, yet powerful and effective!

How does it work?

Pellowah connects all 12 strands of DNA – ready for activation. It unblocks and realigns all the meridians within the body, giving a feeling of connection and well-being.

As the name suggests, it also allows for a Radical Shift in Consciousness. Importantly, through this we are able to make choices which take us to greater heights and levels in our life.

Unlike other forms of energy healing, Pellowah does not work through the Practitioner.

Pellowah is direct from source to the person receiving the healing. A practitioner receives the attunements that enable them to initiate the Pellowah energy and hold the healing space for the person receiving.

There is no diagnosis or interpretation by the practitioner.
It uses a ‘higher’ energy vibration, than say Reiki which is more earthy. ‘Higher’ does not automatically mean ‘better’, but for many chronic or long term issues, Pellowah will often get results where other methods don’t.

The Benefits of Pellowah:

The healing effects of Pellowah, are a wonderful by product of a “Shift in Consciousness”.

• Calms the emotions, many find they feel optimistic, inspired, find purpose in their life where there        once was no direction,  have a greater sense of empowerment, inner strength and confidence
• Helps with overcoming the road blocks of fear, self-doubt, anxiety and depression
• Works particularly well on deep emotional issues, which may be the underlying cause of physical             ailments
• It also works well on those with very busy mind, gives clarity and often a client will receive an answer     to their question or find a path forward while on the table
• Experience a new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life.
• Pellowah works on the mind and spirit (rather than the physical body), so conditions that have a              (mind / body connection) such as depression, will often respond very well
• Pellowah addresses the root cause of the condition rather than the symptom

Pellowah brings about an expansion in consciousness leaving you with a feeling of connection and well-being that seems to last and in fact gets stronger as time goes by. As the person receiving you may experience huge shifts immediately following a session, or the effects may be subtle, yet profound, unfolding over a period of time.

What is a session like?

Pellowah is a hands-off energy treatment, so the client lays down on a massage table fully clothed in a position that is most comfortable, eyes closed, ready to relax and receive the energy. The practitioner will be guided by the Pellowah energy, where their hands will move in, around and through the energy field of the person receiving. A session will last between 45-60 minutes.

It is imperative for best results for the session it is important to note that you:
• Drink plenty of water before and after the treatment to facilitate the healing
• Wear comfortable clothes
• Be sure that you are not wearing any programmed crystals or essences, essential oils or even perfumes.
• The client may use ear plugs or eye shades (please ensure the eye packs are not scented).

During the Pellowah healing session, the practitioner ensures that the healing session will not be effected by outside distractions. Therefore, no music, burning of oils or incense is used and no talking during the session from the practitioner.
This ensures without this outside stimulus the client is free to go on their own unique journey and is assured of a genuine experience.
Each Pellowah session is different even when you have with the same practitioner. Pellowah works with the individual to build new pathways to awareness and consciousness. Everything that happens in a session is for the client.

People report that they often feel very relaxed during a session, and even go to sleep. Others may experience involuntary body movements, sensations like tingling, twitching, shivers and a rumbling stomach. Also it is common for the client to hear, feel, smell and see things especially lights, or sometimes you may not feel much at all, that’s ok too, the energy will still be working.

After the session has concluded you may wish to discuss your experience during the session however the practitioner will not be able to provide feedback or comment. This is so the person receiving the treatment may receive any new insights, awareness’s themselves without well-meaning outside intervention. This ensures the healing session remains genuine and pure and uniquely your own experience.

‘Awareness is the greatest agent for change’

Distance or Absent Healing

Distance or Absentee healing is any form of energy healing that is simply sent to connect with the recipient of the person receiving the healing. With this type of session you do not have to present with the practitioner to experience the healing.  This type of healing works equally as well as an in person healing session as the practitioner is accessing the individual’s energetic field and is able filter out everything else and focus on sending energy.

Once a session has been arranged and agreed upon between yourself and the practitioner, there are some things you can do to maximize the effectiveness of the session:

  • Ensure you have enough time that you will not be interrupted
  • Turn off your phone
  • Create a sacred and quiet space – get comfortable either laying or sitting down
  • Set your intention

If you wish to request a distance or absentee healing please get in contact with Michelle either by phone or email.